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Znamya was a project to develop and test large spin stabilized thin-film mirrors in space. Two orbital experiments were performed, Znamya 2 and Znamya 2.5. Znamya 2 was a success, deploying a 20-m spinning circular mirror from a Progress resupply spacecraft after it visited the Russian Mir space station. The Progress spacecraft was used to steer the sail, under control by cosmonauts onboard Mir, and reflect a spot of sunlight down on the Earth. Znamya 2.5 was a larger (25 m) improved version of Znamya 2. It failed to deploy completely when it caught on an antenna. Illumination of spots on Earth (without disruption of astronomy, ecology, etc.) was one application of the Znamya technology. Others included solar sails, space solar power, wake shields, micrometeoroid shields, antennas, and telescopes. [1]



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