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By Jerome Wright. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, 1992. Library of Congress call number: TL783.9.W75 1992. ISBN 2-88124-803-9 (hardcover) and ISBN 2-88124-842-X (softcover). [1]

Space Sailing was written by Jerome Wright to publish details of the JPL Halley rendezvous study from the 1970s, as well as his own continuing work. The book discusses a rich variety of solar sail configurations, applications, and considerations to be taken in their design. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Uses for a sail at every body in the solar system (and beyond)
  • Numerous possible sailing vessel designs
  • Details of the fabrication and deployment of sail films
  • Support structure construction
  • Considerations for solar sail operation in a variety of circumstances
  • Laser (and microwave) propelled solar sails for interstellar travel

See Space Sailing (2) for the book by Dorothy M. Souza.


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