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The Community Portal is the page for the SolarSailWiki community to communicate and collaborate on improvements, additions, and other projects relating to the future of this site.

If you would like to contribute to SolarSailWiki, create an account or login with OpenID.

SolarSailWiki Destructuring

SolarSailWiki currently had the same structure as the original site. A project is underway to remove the hierarchy that was used and replace it with a flat database of articles that have [[Category:...]] tags for grouping common topics, like books, together. Category:Books and Category:People received this treatment. Category:Missions, Category:Applications, and Category:Technology are new categories for solar sail articles in those areas. The benefits of this change will be to split up some page into individual articles, make creation & organization of articles easier, and simplify references between Wiki articles.


The Bibliography page now contains a bibliography in Bibtex format using the merged Bibtex Biblio extensions from NMRWiki. Also see:

The purpose is to capture all bibliographic references on solar sails and make them easily accessible. They can be typed into a wiki article page (like Bibliography), and referenced in other articles. See any of the Category:Books articles, or Category:Applications pages like GeoSail and Kinetic Energy Impactor for examples on usage. Bibtex sources are available for each for use in scholarly articles. Links for download are included when available.

News page and RSS feed

The News page has replaced "Current Events". It uses WikiArticleFeeds to generate an RSS feed. XFeed then publishes the latest news items on the Main Page. New items can be added according to Help:News.