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GNU Free Documentation License 1.2

Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of SolarSailWiki are released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

Copyrighted Material

Although use of the GNU license is encouraged, copyrighted content may be uploaded to this site if certain steps are followed.

  1. Obtain permission from the copyright holder to post the document or media file on SolarSailWiki.
  2. Create or Special:Upload the copyrighted document, image, or other media file.
  3. Clearly indicate either at the top of the page or in the file description page the name of the copyright holder, the year of the copyright, who granted permission, and when.
  4. Contact a SolarSailWiki administrator and ask them to protect the page or file from further changes. If additional changes to the file or document are needed, ask an administrator.

If you are a copyright holder and wish to have your material removed or altered, please contact an administrator.

Image / Upload File Copyright Tags

Image copyrights may be distinct from the GNU Free Documentation License used for the text pages of the SolarSailWiki. See Wikipedia:Image copyright tags for more information. Note that the template {{...}} tags given as examples are not yet implemented on SolarSailWiki.