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This page describes ongoing efforts to improve SolarSailWiki.



SolarSailWiki makes heavy use of categories to organize information. Old pages are being migrated over, and new pages are being written to make use of them.


SolarSailWiki currently uses WikiArticleFeeds to generate an RSS feed for news. This puts all the news items into one page. The feed is displayed on the Main Page with XFeeds. A more elegant solution might be News Channel, which one news story per wiki page in a specific category for generating feeds.


SolarSailWiki supports bibliographies of Bibtex references.

Social Networking

SolarSailWiki uses the Add to Any Share/Save/Bookmark Button extension to share individual pages with social networking sites.


Features being used to reduce spam on SolarSailWiki. Logging into SolarSailWiki is required to make edits. OpenID makes this easy if you have an account on another service that uses it. ReCAPTCHA is used to confirm edits with outside links. Valid email addresses are now required to create accounts and make edits. Any spam posted on the site will be deleted and the account used blocked.