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Testing, testing, 123.
Testing, testing, 123.

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\Large x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}

This is a reference to Colin McInnes' Solar Sailing[1].

  1. McInnes, Colin R. Solar Sailing. Springer-Praxis, Chichester, UK, 1999. BibTeX [McInnes1999]
Reference library: BibTeX


XFeeds Test

<xfeeds feedlimit="3" totallimit="10"> http://wiki.solarsails.info/index.php?title=News&action=feed&feed=rss </xfeeds>

This is a test. Here's a URL: http://www.google.com

Here's another: http://www.space.com

This is a test.

Here's another external link: http://www.noaa.gov/


Testing, testing, 123.

Failed to load RSS feed (not array) from http://wiki.solarsails.info/index.php?title=News&feed=rss