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Contents Promising New Space Engines are Opening the Solar System

ESA video on advanced propulsion: "Electric ion engines; plasma drives, slingshot-style gravitational-assist maneuvers; ultra-light super-strong solar sails and other innovations are driving exploration forward beyond reliance on chemical rockets." --User:Ben 27 May 2009

The Atlantic: Across the Universe

An article about The Planetary Society's efforts to fly another solar sail demonstration mission - Cosmos 2. Their previous attempt, Cosmos 1, suffered a launch vehicle failure. --User:Ben 5 May 2009

Solar Sail Update: New Opportunities

From Space Travel. Update on The Planetary Society's solar sail activities. --User:Ben 3 April 2009

Review of Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel

On The Space Review --User:Ben 6 October 2008