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The News page contains news items on solar sails. Two extensions, WikiArticleFeeds and XFeed, are used. WikiArticleFeeds is used in News to generate a news feed. XFeed is used on the Main Page to display the latest news.


Readers of SolarSailWiki can keep up with news by subscribing to the following links on the News page:

Writing News Articles

SolarSailWiki uses the News Channel extension to generate news feeds. Individual news articles are individual wiki pages that are in Category:News. To add a news story, type a title for the article in the "Search" box, create a new article. Sign and date your article with --~~~~ . Add [[Category:News]] at the bottom. For articles in progress that aren't ready for publication, add [[Category:Delayed publication]].

DEPRECATED: Writing news items

To write a news item, generate a new section on the News page, after the <startFeed/> tag, and before any other news items. For example: ==News Item==. Below the section heading, type the text of the news item. The FIRST link (either Wiki or HTML) in the news item will be used as the story link in the news feed item. To sign and date the news item, type --~~~~ at the end. For example:

  ==First Solar Sail Flies==
  [ First Solar Sail Flies!]
  It is an historic day for solar sailors everywhere, as the first solar sail takes flight.